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I originaly had an idea to publish a book, however, since there is a new version every 6 months of Fedora, and things are changing rapidly, by the time the book hits the shelves, it will be outdated. So, a friend suggested I do a website instead.

So please bare with me, I am still pulling all my notes and putting this site together

My blurb as to why:

Years ago, I was designing websites for a living and I wanted to have my own webserver instead of sending my clients to have their sites hosted somewhere else.

So I bought a book on Apache, it was over 1" thick! To complicate things more, I was having a hard time with linux (slackware at the time), so I stumbled through Apache on a windows machine :(

As I tried to learn more, sendmail, bind, etc... each book on its own was over 1" thick again!

Every book I read expected you to know how you want your system built, and it through many scenerios at you. It was tough, and I realized, I didn't need to know over 80% of what was in each book just to get started.

So here I give you LinuxSimple, we will walk you through step-by-step, so you can just get things working. After that, we can dive into more, and tweak and customize all you want.
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